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People who i meet, people british people, i speak to them i meet them here in other countries and they talk about what they miss most about home what they love most in a day NEED to make them tick they say TEA! WHAT THE HELL! Honestly every time a person tells me of this love, of how other countries can’t do it properly, don’t understand it, think ‘we’re’ weird how we drink it so much, i just want to say they’re only saying it because you talk about it so bloody much you FORCE them to have an opinion on it and the only thing they can say is wow you drink so much tea. Blaaaaaaaaaa.


It is brown

It is warm

It has milk in it

It’s quite nice sometimes when you feel like it


BUT THAT IS IT please stop going on about how your life depends on it, please it’s really sad, make your life depend on bright colours and justice and hysterics and even tadpoles i promise they are far more interesting and unique than boring liquids in mugs that leave brown rings and we drink like we breathe just for something, anything to do because has become so normal.

I’m allowed to be harsh it’s just me on this blog. And i can’t say it to your face. But i wish i could. But even if i did just say ‘tea is boring’ the reply would be entirely faithful, entirely, ‘ohh i can’t live without me cuppa tea in the morning’ and tea love would reignite and i’d be trapped in your fucking boring love affair once more.

Tea til you die.


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