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Vegetarian propaganda in World War One

This project examines how the meat shortages of WWI Britain presented an opportunity for vegetarian organisations and companies to appear part of the patriotic effort and develop a wider support base for the movement.

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How had I never read Murakami?

Two weeks have passed since opening my first Murakami book, and since then his novels have become an addictive alternative to and expression of reality. After Dark, Norwegian Wood, Sputnik … Continue reading

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People who i meet, people british people, i speak to them i meet them here in other countries and they talk about what they miss most about home what they … Continue reading

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Car sharing with a person of mass destruction

Last weekend I car-shared for the first time. I’ve reached that level of broke. The level where you get in a car with a complete stranger, the only info you have … Continue reading

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How not to be strident

how not to be strident – don’t underline properly – try not to say ‘don’t’ or use imperatives – think about who you’re talking to and where they’re at – … Continue reading

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